Ash Montes

About Me

A filmmaker turned designer determined to create engaging and positive user experiences. Currently based in London.



From storytelling to problem-solving


I am a user experience designer applying design thinking to find simple solutions to complex problems. 

Having worked years in filmmaking interacting with and listening to people's stories, my first instinct is to create empathy with the audience, understand what their struggles and motivations are and, from there, combine analytical thinking with imagination to produce meaningful digital experiences. 

I’ve had a wide range of different experiences including interviewing documentary subjects, facilitating workshops, collaborating with teams for events and project launches, interacting with tech startup founders and gaining a better sense of their business priorities and how design fits with their vision.

All of these experiences have helped inform how I approach the design process today. Here are a few more...





I’ve learned to use Photoshop and Illustrator to make my own graphic novels.

I even self-published one volume, a crime thriller story.



I'm a geek.

I enjoy playing board games and computer games, sometimes taking a step further, tinkering with and modding games too!

By the way, creating mods is the best way to learn a bit of coding.



I'm curious.

I like to learn new things.
So I'm usually the first to try new technologies and experiment with it.



I understand the world through storytelling.

That's what drew me to film and theatre:
The power of stories to create empathy, to communicate with others and better understand the world.



I'm big on books.

From history to psychology, quantum physics or business strategy - books are a great source of knowledge and the best company when I’m by myself.



Sometimes it's good to take a break from the computer.

It's easy to forget, but we're body and mind.
I'm currently based in London, so hiking outside the city in the weekends is a great way to keep the body active and cope with the stress of day-to-day life.




I've worked on Game of Thrones.

For a week.
Replacing the casting assistant on sick leave.
But still... :)  



If you would like to discuss more, share feedback or ask any questions, please get in touch.